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Democratic People's Republic of Ko▓rea (DPRK), called on the whole country to make bigger effort on farming, the

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official Rodong Sinmun daily said on Sunday.Agriculture is of importance for building a prosperous and powerful nation, Kim said while inspecting a

farm in Hamju County, South Hamgyong ▓province, where a good harvest of rice and potat▓o is expected.He

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also called for more scientific res▓earch to improve the fertility of soil and ▓to overcome the unfavorable weather conditions in the east coast of th

e country where usually▓ severe cold weather has in winter and the rate of sunshi▓ne hours is low.He not

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ed it was essential to realize the comprehensive mechanization in the agricultural sector in order to meet the acute shortage of▓ farming manpower.DP

RK media have reported Kim's inspection in South Hamgyong province for two days, but did not give the

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exa▓ct date of the visits.BANGKOK, June 6 (Xinh▓ua) -- The prolonged dispute on a 64-billion-▓baht (about 1.9 billion U.S. dollars) bus-leasing project

f▓or the Thai capital seems to linger in Thailand, as Prime M▓inister Abhisit Vejjajiva and some sena

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tors showed opposite stance on this issue Saturday.A group of 40 senators will continue opposing the controversi

al project of t▓he main coalition partner Bhum Jai Thai Party, even though the cabinet on Wednes▓day agreed to have it reviewed by an independent pa▓nel of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), the Bangkok Post online quo

ted the group member Warin Thiamcharus as saying.According to another report, however, Abhisit said on Saturday mo

rning that the 4,000 natural-gas-powered buses leasing project will definitely be pushed ahead, although the decision about whether leasing or purchasing them will depend on the conclusion of the state think tank's special panel ▓a mon

th later.The panel, according to Warin, had to take the "hot potato" and will be ▓only able to make a choice between re

nting or buyin▓g the buses, which can not guarantee the transparenc▓y of the project since questions such as high repairing cost still exist.On the other hand, A▓bhisit insisted there are no party, particularly the Bhum Jai Thai, pressuring him to a

pp▓rove the project. He added that the decision of g▓oing forward with the project is based on backup reason▓s, n

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ot an emotion.The total cost of 64.89 billion baht budget for leasing 4,000 buses for 10 years to serve Bangkok

ng Wangfujing will have five i

commuters is the latest version scaled down on Wednesday by T▓ransport Minister Sohpon Zarum of the Bhum Jai Th

from▓ Germany, a three Michelin-starre

ject is tran▓sparent and "the best option" to save the debt-ridden Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (AMTA) as w

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